Challenge Criterium RS handmade tubeless tyre

Challenge Criterium RS handmade tubeless tyre

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I have a strong aversion to standing on the side of the road, grappling with flat tires. Thankfully, that's a distant memory since I switched to tubeless 5 years ago.

My journey with Challenge tires began with the Strada Pro handmade tubeless, a significant upgrade from my previous Continental GP 5000 TL tires. Although I couldn't pinpoint whether they rolled better or had superior grip, the ride quality was markedly improved. The rubber adapted more flexibly to road imperfections, absorbing vibrations and road buzz. Riding all day became a pleasure without the discomfort of tired hands, even without altering my bike setup.

Challenge Criterium RS handmade tubless

As my trusty Strada Pros reached the end of their lifespan, I contemplated an upgrade. Enter the Challenge Criterium RS handmade tubeless, promising "refined control and shock absorption capabilities." Excited, I promptly ordered a pair.

Installing the Criterium RS proved a bit challenging, as is the norm with tubeless tires. Wrestling them onto the rims, I struggled to seat the beads despite using a floor pump and pressure tank or CO2 cartridges. Adding sealant before seating the beads eventually proved successful.

The real revelation happened on my first ride. Within the initial 30 kilometers on less-than-ideal roads, I noticed an immediate difference. The Strada Pro had already addressed road buzz, but the Criterium RS took it a step further by minimizing shocks from bumps, holes, and uneven surfaces like asphalt cracks and tram lines.

While the tires could be more budget-friendly, and the installation process remains a bit of a hassle, these concerns fade away as soon as you hit the road. The comfort they deliver is truly enjoyable, making the challenges of installation a distant memory.

*Technical specifications and marketing jargons are available on the manufacturer's page.

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