PRO Stealth saddle

PRO Stealth saddle

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If you feel discomfort or pain in the areas of your body in contact with the saddle, it might not be caused by your saddle.

The cause of your discomfort or pain is most probably caused by a poor bike fit. Your saddle might be set too high or pushed back too much or both. The frame might be too big for you, making you stretch and rotate your pelvis forward putting pressure on soft tissue and private parts.

It could be that your current saddle is too wide or too narrow, making you sit on the wrong part of the saddle.

The tilt of your saddle can also have an impact on how you feel on the saddle.

First, get a frame that fits your body. Then, measure the distance between your sitbones to determine if you need a wide or narrow width saddle. Find the right height of your saddle. Make sure your saddle is mostly level, you can have it titled a little forward, but never backwards. Also make sure the fore-aft position is set in a way that you don't sit on the nose of the saddle or you hang off the back of it.

Is the PRO Stealth the best road bike saddle?
PRO Stealth saddle

It depends. For me, it is the best saddle I have ridden on so far. Do you wonder why? It is simple, it has not caused me any pain, especially during long rides. The bike fit is the same, I adjusted only the saddle height and fore-aft position after switching saddles, virtually it is in the same position.

The biggest difference I have noticed was that I felt no pressure and no numbness, thanks to the large cutout in the middle of the saddle.

The base is rigid, it does not give a sensation of floating or riding on a spring. The padding is not thick but it still is comfortable.

If the bike fit is poor, you can buy all the saddles available on the market, some will feel better, some will feel worse; on shorter rides it will even feel great, but on longer rides the discomfort and pain come back.

*Technical specifications and marketing jargons are available on the manufacturer's page.

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